Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Update 25-05-10

In the tradition of Stokpile I'll be doing a weekly report on my AH activities.  I'll be running the weeks Wednesday to Tuesday (as I play in the EU and maintenance day is Wednesday).

So in the first full WoW week since I started this blog I have gone from have virtually no liquid gold (having splashed out on gearing Shintarg quickly) and about 10k in potential buyout sales on the AH to:

Felica (enchanting/tailoring): 12,163
Shintarg (JC/Xmute):  3,796
Drakuthu (scribe): 743
Total Liquid:  16,702

On AH:
Felica:  10,393
Shintarg:  5,520
Drakuthu:  3,797
Total on AH:  19,710

Grand Total: 36,412

Income: 54,122
Expenditure: 39,353
Profit: 14,768

I'm levelling Drakuthu to 65 in order to cap inscription and I'll then be making an effort to enter that market on a larger scale than currently.  Right now I'm posting 1 of every glyph I know at 4g50s threshold and a fallback of 50g as well as Armor Vellum III.  This income is sufficient to keep him in herbs for milling into Ink of the Sea and still make a small but regular profit.  He's helping keep the costs down on Felica's Scrolls too by providing her with Vellums which go for 10g a pop on my server.

Shintarg is still investing in titanium ore/damaged necklaces when they are cheap enough and filling up the unknown recipes fairly quickly.  The majority of his income is from rare and meta gems.  I've started using KTQ for the rare gems but still need to set it up to do the metas.  Epics I'm crafting by hand and posting manually too.  I need to get a store of uncut gems together before I move into this market in a bigger way. Also buying lots of Saronite ore and crafting rings for dissing which have lowered Felica's crafting costs a lot and allowed her to drop prices.

So Felica has managed to see off some of the competition she was facing in the scroll market and even if the added time to craft and dis all those rings is a pain its worth it and her weekly sales have been good.  She's also crafting all of the Northrend Scrolls now where before I was only crafting about 75% of them.  Tailoring is still a relatively untouched market at the moment, mainly due to time constraints.

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