Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Work Force - Shintarg

Next is my Shaman, Shintarg who dinged 80 last night.  Thanks to the fiscal efforts of Felica and his first random heroic being the Forge of Souls , he's already got a 4700GS.

I decided to pick up Jewelcrafting and the complimentary transmute spec Alchemy.  Jewelcrafting has been a solid earner so far, even if I am pouring the majority of the profits back into Titanium Ore, Titanium Powder and Damaged Necklaces in order to get a solid number of recipes together.  I've so far managed to pick up the majority of the rare recipes and have about 3/4 more I plan on learning.  There's still about 5/6 epic recipes I think will sell well and I haven't even started collecting any of the jewellery yet. I've got three of the Dragon's Eye recipes learned which Shin will be using on his gear (haste, mp5 and intellect iirc) I don't cut any common gems except for shadow crystals which go straight to the vendor.  The other green gems I craft into the rings about once a week for disenchanting.

I do very little with the alchemy except for a daily transmute (usually King's Amber), transmuting any cheap saronite bars I find on the AH (really need to get a miner so I can smelt the ore myself) into Titanium Bars and the research.  A flask specialist would be good, but I'll save that for another character.

I haven't touched any of the secondary professions - I really can't see the point in levelling fishing or cooking again.  I suppose First Aid could come in handy in certain situations but I tend to rely on his own heals.  

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