Monday, 14 June 2010

Update 14/06/10

Apologies for the delay, RL has been 'getting in the way' with job interviews, house hunting (moving 1st July!) etc and my WoW time, and more so planned blog time has suffered.

As a matter of fact, my sub runs out today and I'm not sure whether to resub or not at the moment.  I may leave it for a couple of weeks or I may take more of an extended break and play something else. I tried a free trial of Star Trek Online recently and hated it.  A couple of months back I was intrigued by Fallen Earth and loved the trial but I couldn't give up WoW to play it at the time - I can only fit one MMO into my life so perhaps I'll go back to that.

Anyway, liquid gold totals sitting at:

Shintarg (JC/Trans):  5,713
Felica (Ench/Tailor):  23,146
Drakuthu (Inscription):  4,163

Total Liquid:  33,022

I have at least 35,000 in items (can't check right now I'm afraid) on the AH, bringing my total to 68,000.

Sorry its not a very detailed update, I hope to continue with the blog but only will if I am actually playing WoW, if not I shall certainly pick it up again come Cataclysm and document the gold road in New Azeroth :)

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