Monday, 17 May 2010

The Work Force - Drakuthu

The freshest recruit into the work force is Drakuthu, a level 59 Death Knight who has been sat in Thrallmar for a couple of months since getting him out of the starting zone.  The plan is to get him to 60 then level through LFD as a Frost Tank (though given the changes coming to DKs in Cata, I may respec blood to get used to the play-style).  I'm waiting to 60 before going to LFD in order that he has all the tools necessary to tank effectively - DnD especially.

Anyway, I started power-levelling inscription on him at the weekend and so far am up to 344.  Rather than mill all my own herbs, I've been buying up all of the ink of the sea I can find on the AH and trading it in for whatever inks I need at the vendor in Dalaran.

This has given me my first taste of what KTQ can do and I'll probably expand its use into JC after I've created some custom groups (post coming up on that).  Enchant scrolls I have covered by another addon but more on that another day.

To level I've been queueing 1 each of all the glyphs I have been learning as I go along.  It seems that you generally get 2 glyph designs every 5 skill points so I've been making up the deficit with either more of the glyphs or scrolls of stats.  The only thing keeping me from levelling it in one go with this method is the lack of IotS in the AH right now so I may have to resort to some milling later tonight.

The other profession slot is currently empty and I haven't decided what to go for.  I primarily picked Inscription to assist Felica in reducing the cost of enchant scrolls as these have been ludicrously priced on the AH recently.  I've also read so much about the glyph industry that I've been wanting to give it a try for a long time, so now's my chance I guess.  I may take up Blacksmithing so that I can produce cheaper Greater Cosmic Essences and try my hand in the buckle market.  Then again I've got a 38 Warrior with BS/Mining already so maybe I should just level him up to 65.  I'm also keen to try the Flask market so perhaps another alchemist would be useful.  I've no love for farming mats or questing, prefering to spend my time in the cities or in LFD so a gathering profession is out, leaving Leatherworking or Engineering as my other choices, neither of which strike my fancy.

Flasks it is then.

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