Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Spending spree with some nice results

Until last night, it had been a while since I'd optimised Felica for 10 man raiding.  I was running over hit cap as I'd had to gem for it in the past and not replaced the [Veiled Ametrine]s I'd used with my regular [Reckless Ametrine] since I'd got some gear with which to replace that hit with.

So, as I used to obsessively do, I cracked open Rawr, reloaded her profile from the armory, checked through the gear I had in the bank and made sure it was all selected as available.  After a quick optimize, and adjusting some filters on available gear, I had a browse through some of the possible upgrades and what I might be able to get my hands on before the usual Tuesday night raid invites went out.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Selling Scrolls of Enchant using EnchantShop Part 1

Hi guys!

I've been meaning to get a how-to type article up for a while now, and Markco's Blogging Carnival is the perfect opportunity to get my arse in gear and get it done.

EnchantShop is the addon that really kickstarted my gold making journey by enabling me to really cut down the time taken to mass buy enchanting mats, mass craft scrolls, and post them all with a single click of a button without having to set prices individually.  I remember making around 5k in my first week of using the addon and being like OMFG this is so easy! Need... to... make... more... gold!!!!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

My glyph industry is up and running

I spent a lot of time on WoW over the weekend, albeit I wasn't looking at my screen for most of that time and just absent mindedly rolling my mouse wheel to mill herbs* or doing the chores while Skillet was processing a queue of over 2000 inks, still a lot of time logged in.

I've been meaning to get my glyph business properly up and running as so far its not been a great money maker.  To be fair, I've made thousands from inscription - selling vellums, off hands and cards (not having much luck with runescrolls at the moment), but it was glyphs in particular I needed to put some work into.

Friday, 16 July 2010

"Surely you can't raid over a 3G connection..."

After being disappointed that my planned seesion at a friends house was cancelled yesterday, and knowing that my better half was working late, I got home last night and got myself into geek mode.  The goal? Tethering my iphone and logging into WoW to restock my scrolls and rare gems.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

What do you mean you've gone to a festival!??

Was hoping to have a restocking/raiding/RDF levelling session over at a friend's house tonight.  So I call to confirm earlier on and told he's at a blooming festival for the next 3 days!

Pfff.... only another 5 days until new internet is connected at home, tho its gonna be a long five days.  At least I haven't (yet) got a beta invite to frustrate me even more!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Mobile Auction House

So having moved house, I've had no internet access at home since 30th June and it won't be connected up in the new place until 20th July.

So to get my gold fix I subbed to the mobile auction house and have used that to make over 20,000G in the last two weeks, purely from selling off my stock of enchanting scrolls and rare gems.  I've not touched the glyph industry at all as a maximum of 200 posts per day doesn't really meet the demands of playing that market and posting everything individually would have been a nightmare - it was bad enough with the rare gems!!