Monday, 17 May 2010

The Work Force - Felica

So, time to introduce the characters I use for making my WoW Gold together with a brief overview of how I make gold on each of them.  I'll be making more detailed posts on each of the professions I use soon enough.

First up, Felica, my beloved Mage and raiding main.

Feli has that classic combination of tailoring and enchanting and has never had any other professions.

A while back, BC-era, I used to make money by buying up cheap greens and blues and dissing them.  Nowadays I find that too much of a time sink for too little of a profit and my time no goes towards keeping a stock of highly profitable WotLK enchants on the AH at all times.  I supply about 15% of the enchant scrolls to my server, although more recently there has been some tougher competition.  I'm no longer selling as many of the high priced scrolls - Berserking, Black Magic etc. and I need to find some ways of obtaining the mats I use more cheaply so I can drop my sell price a bit.

I've neglected tailoring a lot with her.  Before 3.3.3 I would religiously use my CDs and sell the speciality cloths, make some spellthreads and a few bags but for whatever reason I've let it drop off.  I plan to set up some addons to automate these markets a bit more so expect to see some posts on setting up custom groups in KTQ, QA3 and updates on how this market grows.  I'm starting this week to stockpile netherweave cloth in preparation for the expected huge demand in bags come Cataclysm.

I've made enough cash with enchanting to be able to powerlevel my Shaman's two professions (JC/transmute alch) as well as to kit him out in some sweet gear for when he dings 80 (today I hope!), pay for his epic flying, buy all the ICC cloth recipes (and create the pieces I wanted) and get a Travellers Mammoth ready for when her  XP bar reappears in the new expansion.

She is also a max level cook with all the Dalaran recipes and a chef's hat, together with around 440 fishing (with weather-beaten fishing hat and the kaluak pole).  I'm tempted to try out the buff food market at some point but fear I may have missed the boat on that one for this expansion.  Saying that, there is a new raid coming soon so that might be an opportunity to give it a whirl.

I've never been a gold stockpiler, and love to spend it so she's currently sitting on only about 5000G.

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