Friday, 16 July 2010

"Surely you can't raid over a 3G connection..."

After being disappointed that my planned seesion at a friends house was cancelled yesterday, and knowing that my better half was working late, I got home last night and got myself into geek mode.  The goal? Tethering my iphone and logging into WoW to restock my scrolls and rare gems.

Google is my friend.  I quickly came up with some site which purported to allow you to install a settings file which would then override my carrier's (O2) requirement that you purchase a 'tethering bolt-on'.  I was a bit miffed at this - they want you to pay another £8.99 a month, on top of the already expensive iphone contract for tethering, when you already pay for 'unlimited data' as part of that plan.  And you only get a 3GB d/l limit for that.  Daylight robbery if you ask me.  Unfortunately, it seems that these settings files do not work on a 3GS (or it may have been the 3.1.3 firmware I'm running), so another solution was needed.

My phone is already jailbroken (thank you spirit) so I had a quick browse through the modmyi forums and came across a little beauty of an app - MyWi - which effectively turns your iphone into your own personal wifi hotspot - just the ticket!  The app cost 10 USD, but comes with a 10 day trial period and is so easy to use it should be criminal... hang on, it probably is ;)

Next challenge was to update to 3.3.5a.  Blizzard downloader didn't like this connection, and there are unfortunately no settings to adjust port forwarding etc., so I resorted to the Patch Mirror list on wowwiki, in no time the tiny 35MB download was done and I was patched and ready to go.

Borked UI ensues... nothing odd here after a major patch.

It seemed the raid leader was having a little trouble with one of the new recruits unable to read gchat or whispers  or the guild calendar and so they were short a dps - do I wanna give raiding a go over 3G he asks?  Heck why not, my latency hadn't been that bad over the 30mins I'd been online at this point.

The title was a comment posted in gchat last night - and I proved the chap wrong.

Into ICC10 we go, downing the first wing, Rot and Fester and then a few attempts at Prof. Putricide, who we've not had many goes on before.  My performance was not up to my usual standards as the connection dropped out of 3G a few times and did get pretty badly laggy, but still ended up 3rd on the damage meters overall (playing arcane mage).

Raid time means that I've only had time to restock enchanting scrolls so far, but will be getting the gold team up and running again over the weekend.

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