Monday, 12 July 2010

Mobile Auction House

So having moved house, I've had no internet access at home since 30th June and it won't be connected up in the new place until 20th July.

So to get my gold fix I subbed to the mobile auction house and have used that to make over 20,000G in the last two weeks, purely from selling off my stock of enchanting scrolls and rare gems.  I've not touched the glyph industry at all as a maximum of 200 posts per day doesn't really meet the demands of playing that market and posting everything individually would have been a nightmare - it was bad enough with the rare gems!!

Anyway, current gold totals at:

Felica: 38,632
Shintarg: 16,454
Drakuthu: 1,361

Total liquid: 56,448

I'm no out of stock aside from items which just don't sell at all - I'm looking at you Giant Slaying ;)

Thankfully my buddy Neverwhere has invited me over to his place for a raid and restocking session this Thursday so will take that opportunity to reload my stock and to show him how I go about making gold as he's been showing an interest in it all, as well as taking the chance to catch up with missed guildies over a bit of ICC10/RS.

I've only used the iPhone version of the app, which obviously doesn't allow for any automation.  I've not touched the mobile site at all, and I can't really see it being any more convenient unless there are ways to script it so that some of the functionality of QA3/Auctioneer can be provided - I've not come across any info on the internets about this so if anyone knows a way to automate the process even just a bit, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

Been having a few thoughts about the future of Blizzard's out of game apps and what might come next.  Some people are crying out for chat and mail functionality.  All I really want is a Tradeskill Window on my iPhone - I'd never need to log into the game for my gold needs then!  I can't really see it being too difficult to produce either and I think it's be extremely popular amongst the goblin community - what do you think?  What functionality would you like to see out of game, even if a premium subscription was needed for it?


  1. It is possible to automate the mobile-AH (web), however the ToS is extremely vague as to what it does permits or not. I wouldn't recommend to try to replicate QA3 as I'm pretty sure you'd get a hit of the ban hammer quite quickly.

    As far as what feature I'd like to see, I don't want to see crafting coming "offline" reason being that the economy changed a LOT on my server from the mobile AH. Should there be offline crafting offered, gosh the disaster.

  2. Hey man, just saw you had visited my site, and I am enjoying your posts. I also just added ya to my blogroll. Thansk for having me in yours!

    Keep it coming!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Personally I like what the Mobile AH has done to the economy - stealth undercutting/reposting FTW!

    Still hoping that Blizz keep adding to their offline services - Icarus' Studio's Fallen Earth app is going along the right lines imo:

    I did think that the Fallen Earth app allowed new crafting to be started but it seems like that was pulled from the first release. Looks nice anyway.