Tuesday, 20 July 2010

My glyph industry is up and running

I spent a lot of time on WoW over the weekend, albeit I wasn't looking at my screen for most of that time and just absent mindedly rolling my mouse wheel to mill herbs* or doing the chores while Skillet was processing a queue of over 2000 inks, still a lot of time logged in.

I've been meaning to get my glyph business properly up and running as so far its not been a great money maker.  To be fair, I've made thousands from inscription - selling vellums, off hands and cards (not having much luck with runescrolls at the moment), but it was glyphs in particular I needed to put some work into.

First thing to do was to set up two posting alts and configure BulkMail to automagically post particular glyphs to each of the posters.  To do this  I made, class by class, one of each of the glyphs I know (about 235 now - a few more researches to go!) and then used the following BulkMail command to set it up:

/bm as add PostingToonName [itemlink]

So I've now got it set up that PostingToon1 deals with Druid, Death Knight, Hunter and Mage, PostingToon2 with Paladin, Priest, Rogue and Shaman, and my scribe still posts Warrior and Warlock glyphs.

Next task - create a stockpile.  I use KTQ for my  crafting queues, so it was as simple as a /ktq queue 5 glyphs, buy all the inks and parchments in Dalaran with the massive stockpile of Ink of the Sea I made earlier and hit the process queue button in Skillet a couple of hundred times.

When your bag is full, pop to the mainbox, type in your posting toons names in the To field and hit send - BulkMail will send all of the items you've set up to go to that toon automatically.

I already had a QA3 group set up for glyphs (remember to add the new ones to the group after every research!) so just adjusted it to a threshold of 3G and a fallback of 50G, posting 2 of each glyph for 24 hours.

Now my glyph routine is:

Log onto PostingToon1, collect mail, run to AH, hit Post in the Auctions tab (QA3 will restock your auctions if they've sold or been undercut)
Repeat on Posting Toon2
Repeat on Scribe. Run a /ktq queue 5 glyphs and post off to alts.

Repeat that cycle a couple of times a day, no cancelling.  So far this method has been working wonders.  I'd like to get up to a stockpile of 10 of each glyph, but I'll save that laborious task for a rainy day :)

Thanks for reading!


* Use the following command in the chat pane, together with the Autodisenchant function of Auctioneer/Enchantrix:

/run SetBindingClick("MOUSEWHEELUP","AutoDEPromptYes")

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