Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Selling Scrolls of Enchant using EnchantShop Part 1

Hi guys!

I've been meaning to get a how-to type article up for a while now, and Markco's Blogging Carnival is the perfect opportunity to get my arse in gear and get it done.

EnchantShop is the addon that really kickstarted my gold making journey by enabling me to really cut down the time taken to mass buy enchanting mats, mass craft scrolls, and post them all with a single click of a button without having to set prices individually.  I remember making around 5k in my first week of using the addon and being like OMFG this is so easy! Need... to... make... more... gold!!!!

This first post will cover the set-up of the addon and I'll follow up with a post covering how to actually use it in practice.  It seems that the author is not actively updating the addon, but it works fine in 3.3.5 with the odd minor bug (the worst you're have to do is /reloadui).

So, once you've installed and enabled the addon (remember to load out of date addons) hit the escape button to bring up the main menu, select interface and choose the addons tab and scroll down to enchant shop.

First tab is General Options and here you can set a Bank alt to send all the scrolls to, the number of scrolls to create (generally - this setting can be overridden on a per enchant basis), as well as pricing options for the minimum/maximum increase in price (over the cost of materials).  I've always used the default settings here and found those to work nicely.

The second tab, General Filters allows you to select if you want to create and sell Vanilla, BC or WotLK enchants or a combination of each.

Third tab, Scroll Filters, allows you to filter out specific scrolls you don't want to craft (such as non sellers like
Giant Slayer).  When you're starting out, you might just want to select a few of the best sellers as to create one of each of these enchants is a significant investment in mats - try starting out with any or all of the spellpower enchants as well as both of the stats to chest (Super and Powerful).

Tab 4 is Reagent Prices and this is going to take a while to fill out, especially if you have selected Vanilla and/or BC enchants in tab 2.  Basically, just go through each mat and fill out the price that you are able to obtain it for - either from a regular supplier, the AH or through processing other tradeskills - eg rings from the saronite shuffle with Jewelcrafting for Infinite Dust or weapons from Blacksmithing for Greater Cosmic Essences.

Scroll Count allows you to override the general scroll count setting.  I'd suggest you go with one or two at a time of whatever you've decided to craft and update this every couple of weeks depending on how many of each enchant you've been selling.

Finally, the most useful page of them all and one I advise you to check in on and then update your scroll count accordingly is Created Scrolls.  This is essentially how many scrolls you've sold as using this addon, you only create scrolls as you need to restock them, not a stockpile like you do with the KTQ and QA3 combination (which I use for JC and Inscription).

So there you have it - a run through of setting up EnchantShop.  Next time I'll be running through the changes it makes to your Auction House and Tradeskill windows.



  1. Hammy - you are a gold grabbing legend! Keep it up and you could become an honorary Chinaman :)

    Loving your UI btw, very clean and modern - addon list plx!!1!

  2. Interface is a modified version of LUI :) fantastic interface package, that sets itself up.

    Thanks for this fantastic guide :) will help alot. Enchanting is the market im most scared of trying out, as it can end in large loses on a high pop server with several similar minded people constantly undercutting till its below cost to make!

  3. Hey this is a really great addon for doing what QA3 currently can't when it comes to enchanting. If this is used together with SlyProfits (to see which scrolls are currently worth making) then you can really maximize your g/hour and concentrate on the scrolls with high profits that sell.