Friday, 10 September 2010

New Gold Making Community

Yesterday I discovered a new gold making community, known as The Consortium, through so many of you may already be aware.

The people over there have set up a nice site of forums, with an unusual (at least for me) social side to it as well - members can earn experience points, reputation, rate threads and posts and so on.

The Consortium is a community focused on the discussion of gold-making in World of Warcraft. It was founded in early February 2010, by Alaera of Twisting Nether US. The concept was simple: establish a community where World of Warcraft’s greatest entrepreneurs can share ideas, without fear of spilling sensitive secrets to the masses. Initially a small group of friends threading ideas on a free bulletin board, The Consortium now seeks to expand.

Our site is host to both public and private forums. The private forum is accessible only to “earned” members, or as well call them, Wind Traders. Wind Trader status (and access to the private forums) is earned on an invite-only or application basis. Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained in the private forums, membership is limited to one player per server. Nonetheless, we plan on regularly releasing articles showcasing the quality of content housed within the private forums. We will do this not only to give back to the community, but also to fuel discussion in the public forums. The public forums are publicly accessible and contain a wealth of information including:
  • WoW Economy discussions.
  • Power-leveling guides and routes.
  • Profession FAQs and leveling guides.
The site will also host a GDKP forum, which will conglomerate and streamline GDKP runs from all servers worldwide.

You may browse the current Wind Trader list here (expect this list to grow within the days and weeks ahead).

The Wind Traders are a very exclusive and elite group. If you think you have what it takes, check out the application page.

Sterling, one of the admins, was kind enough to invite me to be one of their 'Wind Traders' so the least I can do is give them a little plug.

So, go have a look around, sign up and become a part of this new community, just click the image below.


  1. I like the idea of this, but consider forum is a winner-take-all game, there are hard work to be done.

    I would love to see them growing :)

  2. Zekta! Been a long time reader of yours, nice to have you over in my little corner of the Internet :)

  3. Just send my Wind Trader Application in and when I joined I set you as the referral.

    Looking good.

  4. I forgot to set you as my referral :<
    I also sent in a Wind Trader App and Cold you had to give a realm on your app, does this mean you're finally going to reveal your server? ;o
    Thanks for the tip anyway Moravec, I've also just done a post on the site and hope it grows into a good community.