Sunday, 26 September 2010

The future of Follow the Gold Road

So FGR will be 6 months old in a couple of weeks and that's got me thinking about the future of the blog.

So far I've just been at this at my own pace, posting when I get some time. I don't have a queue of posts scheduled to be published, and that's something I'm intending to change. I think the level of content going out is about right though, between 6 and 8 posts a month of relatively in depth articles is where I'm aiming.

What I want to change is the lack of structure and the variety of media, so I'm going to be having a think of categories of posts - an addon tutorial, commentary on the market, a quick tip and so on and having them released the same time each week.

I've also decided to go self hosting and have set up an account with godaddy for this, though I'm having a few teething problems so far. Gazimoff from The Mana Obscura has inspired me to try out my hand at video editing, so expect to see video guides to the most recent developments in gold making addons here soon. Not only that but his site is exemplary and showed me the potential self hosting has when compared to the limitations if blogger.

The Consortium is growing nicely and there's talk there of a podcast in the future, which I'd like to get involved in. There's some very capable people over there (shout out to Sterling, Cold, Allaphon and Sykez in particular) and I'm sure there'll be some awesome stuff coming out of that community in the future.

I'm so excited about being more involved in the wow communities as we switch expansion over the next few months.

Here's to Cataclysm!

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