Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mobile Armoury Updated

The mobile armoury has been updated with a number of significant improvements. The list of changes can be seen here.

I thought it'd be good to share what those changes are with some images.

The calendar remains largely untouched, with one major exception - finally we can sign up as tentative. I've been waiting fir this for so long; too frequently I've been held up at work on a raid night without knowing for sure if I'm going to be able to make it on time or not. Now I can let the RL know in game and not have to hope he looks at the guild site before invites go out.

Next up we've got a few new options in the main character menu: activity feed, glyphs and professions.

The activity feed is the same as on your web based armory and shows recent achievements, loot and so on.

Glyphs is fairly self explanatory:

Professions is a little disappointing as it only shows your actual skill, but no details of your recipes, which I'd like to see for at least my own character.

The character pane has been updated too with a redesign of how the info is presented as well as providing a handy border around your items showing their quality - much like the addon oGlow does in game. I've still got that installed so I'm not sure if Blizzard has implemented this to the default ui yet, but if not it seems like it's only a mater of time.

We've also now got a 3d model viewer in the app, which is really quite nifty, but I imagine older iPhone and iPod touch models might struggle with it.

There's a full screen mode which gives access to a number if options for choosing the animation, background and for either playing or frame advancing the animation as well as taking a screenshot.

There you go, I'll leave you with a couple of poses of my two 80s, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. One thing I'll add, which I've just discovered - if you use the mobile ah to post or buy, and your authenticator is on the same device, this update will no longer automatically discover the authenticator :(

    You have been warned...