Sunday, 27 June 2010

The return

So I've resubbed back to wow after a break of only a couple of weeks, I guess I've still got the gold bug!

I've only been back a couple of days and haven't done much in the way of getting back into my markets in a big way, other than just to restock and pick up a shed load of netherweave cloth at a good price in preparation for the cataclysm bag rush.

I have decided to get my stable of alts levelled up and plan on having one of every class at at least 60 before cataclysm drops. I do want to roll a goblin priest come cat so I may leave that slot free.

To assist in this mass levelling I've decided to start a second account using the recruit a friend system and have delved into dual boxing for the first time, thanks to Boxing the Cap for and to Anaalius for the inspiration to give this a go.

I'm using the ISBoxer suite and the Jamba addon to assist in this. I'm on a free trial with ISBoxer for the time being, but I'll be purchasing a subscription to the service when that runs out.

The second account is also only a trial currently and there are a number of limitations on these which have been frustrating - no trading, no mail (sending or recieving) and no use of the AH which has meant I haven't been able to give the toons any bags or gold.

I'll be writing some more posts on my experience of RAF and dual boxing, but in the meantime if any of you are curious to give it a go, have a look at the Wiki on as well as this post at Boxing the Cap.


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