Tuesday, 31 August 2010

How can you turn 1000 gold into 2000 gold?

So, the second Just My Two Copper Blogging Carnival is here and this time Markco has posed the quiestion: "How can you turn 1000g into 2000g?"

That's a pretty open ended question and no doubt the bloggers participating will post about a myriad of different ways of solving this problem.

What I was going to do was talk you through how I would go about doing this for each of my professions, tell you which addons I use to help and provide you with a shopping list of mats to meet the orders I'll set up (see here for a guide on setting up shopping lists in AuctionLite); basically run you through the routine for each of the profession I use (or have used).

That would turn into a post of epic proportions, so instead I'll be doing a multi-part series, kicking of with tailoring.

Let me know in the comments if you want to see how-to posts on any of the addons I mention.


Tailoring is a market that I've neglected in recent months.  It wasn't as profitable per hour for me as either Jewelcrafting or Enchanting and given I have limited time to play, I left it alone and concentrated on those other two.

I've never got around to setting up any addons to help automate Tailoring, although for a market like this I found Lil Sparky's Workshop, Skillet or ATSW and the Appraiser function in Auctioneer to suffice in the past (although I've now dropped Auctioneer in favour of AuctionLite except for Enchantrix).

Once you've got a strong presence in the market, you could look at getting QA3 and KTQ set up and you might even want to look at ItemAuditor and its branch of QA3 which will automatically update your thresholds for you based on how much you've invested into an item.

As always, the items listed here are just a guide and you'll need to check your server's economy to see if they'll be profitable for you.


Bags are a great seller - everyone rolls alts and they all need space to keep the multitude of items they gather along the way.  I personally buy each of my alts 4 Glacial Bags when I get to the stage where I know I'm not going to delete them in a hurry.  Most people will at least purchase a few Netherweave Bags for theirs and the speciality bags for mats also shift well, if not in the same volume.  As a starter, I'd concentrate on Netherweave Bags (say around 8 or 12), a few Frostweave Bags (say 4) and one each of the others to see how you get on and to get a feel for the market (Glacial Bags have a 7 day cooldown anyway, but go for around 500g).  

[Netherweave Bag]
[Frostweave Bag]
[Glacial Bag]
[Emerald Bag] (herbs)
[Mysterious Bag] (enchanting materials)

Speciality Cloth:
You have a choice here - either you can stick to just the cloth for your spec - it won't be profitable crafting singles of the other types generally unless you have access to extremely cheap materials - or you can stock up on huge supplies of the mats for each and do a huge crafting session.  So you'd craft say 150-200 Spellcloth, switch specs to Ebonweave (which costs 150g to unlearn your spec and another 20g to pick up the next one) and craft another 150-200, and then repeat for Moonshroud.  


Leg armour for cloth wearers - what's not to like!  Every single new pair of cloth trousers that drops for characters over level 70 will want one of these, so craft a few of each.  There are also spellthreads available for characters between 60 and 70  and for 50 to 60 but demand on those is much lower and the materials are rarer now so they are more of an expensive luxury item and unlikely to fly off the shelves. Feel free to give them a go though.

[Brilliant Spellthread]
[Sapphire Spellthread]
[Azure Spellthread]
[Shining Spellthread]

Cloth Gear:
In this hypothetical situation, you only have a thousand gold to start with so some of these items are going to be out of your price range right off the bat, let alone that the recipes themselves could cost you a few grand.  I'd start with a couple of the full lvl 78 PVP set and a few hats of Wintry Doom.  If you can afford some of the epic recipes and/or materials I'd go with making the Ulduar Belts and the TOC Bracers and Chest items as the other patterns from these instances have been superceded by the ICC patterns.  I'd suggest not making the trainable Spellweave/Ebonweave/Moonshroud stuff as better items are more easily got from Triumph badges.  Also remember that as we get closer and closer to cataclysm, people won't be wanting to spend a huge amount gearing fresh 80 alts and the prices of these items will drop steadily to match the lower demand, so get in there quick!

[Hat of Wintry Doom]

Lvl 78 PVP:
[Frostsavage Belt]
[Frostsavage Boots]
[Frostsavage Bracers]
[Frostsavage Cowl]
[Frostsavage Gloves]
[Frostsavage Leggings]
[Frostsavage Robe]
[Frostsavage Shoulders]

[Spellslinger's Slippers]
[Savior's Slippers]
[Cord of the White Dawn]
[Sash of Ancient Power]

Trial of the Crusader Recipes: 
[Merlin's Robe]
[Bejeweled Wizard Bracers]
[Royal Moonshroud Robe]
[Royal Moonshroud Bracers]

Icecrown Citadel Recipes:
[Deathfrost Boots]
[Sandals of Consecration]
[Leggings of Woven Death]
[Lightweave Leggings]

Crafting for Disenchanting:
If you have access to an enchanter, you may want to give crafting these items a go for the sole purpose of destroying them for enchanting materials either to sell on the AH to levelling enchanters or for creating enchanting scrolls for even more profit.  You might like to put together a spreadsheet to keep track of what price you can buy the materials for these items for and still turn a profit when compared to the going rate for enchanting materials on your server.  

[Brown Linen Pants]
[Double-Stitched Woolen Shoulders]
[Azure Silk Hood]

[Silk Headband]
[Green Silken Shoulders]
[White Bandit Mask]

[Red Mageweave Headband]
[Runecloth Belt]

[Runecloth Headband]
[Cindercloth Pants]
[Netherweave Robe]

[Netherweave Belt]
[Netherweave Pants]
[Arcanoweave Bracers]
[Duskweave Belt]


Don't forget that there are a few ways to get hold of some of the materials here.  For example it is almost always cheaper to purchase Eternal rather than Crystallised elements (so I've not included them) and that you can purchase all of the Eternals, Frost Lotus and Crusader and Runed Orbs from Frozo the Renowned in Dalaran - make sure that you check the price of Frozen Orbs on the AH before buying those!  There are vendors in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar who sell all the vendor items you'll need if you don't want the hassle of crafting in Dalaran and then having to port to a city with an Auction House.  

Auction House List

Vendor List

[Eternium Thread]

[Blue Dye]
[Red Dye]

There you have it, my guide to turning 1000g into 2000g using tailoring.  How else do you use your tailoring to turn a profit?  Do you have any other tips and tricks for budding tailors? Would you like to see a similar post on Jewelcrafting, Inscription or Enchanting next? 


  1. Rare pattern, but major profits from my Rich Purple Silk Shirts. Hope to explode sales to goblins in Cata!

  2. Ah, shirts of course, thanks for the reminder Cold. There's a few of those patterns on my AH currently, might pick one up :)