Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Buying mats with AuctionLite

In my posts about using EnchantShop, I mentioned that I did not use the mat buying interface provided by that addon to keep myself in stock. Today I'm going to share with you how I buy my mats, using the addon AuctionLite.

I don't use any other parts of the addon currently, but it is a pretty full-featured addon. This is the addon's official description:


AuctionLite makes it easy to use the auction house!

  • Buy
    • Show all listings for an item on a single page, sorted by per-item price
    • Buy out multiple listings at the same time
    • Search for your favorite items with a single click
  • Sell
    • Suggest prices based on the current competition
    • Create multiple listings at the same time
  • Scan
    • Download all auction house data in just seconds
    • Track historical prices and find deals
  • Tooltips
    • Show vendor, auction, and disenchant prices on all items

In short, AuctionLite tries to make the most common auction house tasks as simple as possible, and AuctionLite strives for minimal overhead and clutter in its interface.

I'm going to start with the setup of the addon again and will be using enchanting as an example, although I also use it for buying mats for jewelcrafting (including transmute alchemy) and inscription.

Once you've installed the addon you'll see two new buttons at the bottom of your Auction house window - AuctionLite - Buy and AuctionLite - Sell.  We're only looking at the buying aspect today, so click on that.  In the top right of the window is a dropdown menu labelled Advanced.  Click on that and then on Configure Auction Lite.  The same window can be accessed through the Interface option in the main menu.

What we want to do here is set up some shopping lists, which act much the same as the Snatch search in auctioneer.  Click on Favourites from the menu tree on the left and click New to create a new list.  I'm using my Enchanting list in the screenshot above.  Now you want to add some items to the list - all you have to do is type the name in the box below Add an Item and hit enter.  You can see what I've added to this list already. Click Okay when you are done.

Next click the Advanced drop down menu again, hover over Show Favourites and click on the name of your list.  This will then perform a search and bring up a list of those items currently available on your Auction House like this:

Here you can see how many listings of each item there are, how many in total, the market price and the price that item has been seen before on previous scans.  So, for example, there are 87 listings of [Abyss Crystal]s, totalling 126 crystals, at a market price of 30.42g, which is lower than the previous seen price of 30.73g.  If you click on the item name in this list you can see more detail.

We now get an overview of all the listings available together with the cost per item and the total cost for that listing.  You can click to select individual items, use shift-click to select all the items between your first and second clicks or use control-click to add or remove items to your selection.  Here I've selected all the [Abyss Crystal]s at 30g or less, as that is my price for them in EnchantShop.  To buy them all you need to click on Buyout in the lower right of the window.  The addon will then summarise how many you are buying and how much that will cost in total at the top of the window.  A final click on Approve will buy all those mats for you (you may have to click Approve a few times if you are buying batches of the item at different prices). So much quicker than clicking hundreds of times using Auctioneer for example.

Clicking on the small arrow next to the word Item at the top of the list, will return you to your shopping list and you can continue your restocking without having to do another scan.

There you have it a quick and easy way of buying mats in bulk, hope that helps you out and lessens your time investment!


  1. Awesome! I am gonna test this addon as soon as European realms get back online!

  2. Thx for presenting this great addon.
    Just tried it and I'm already in love with the favorites and mass-buyout.
    Saves a ahuge amount of time and effort!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Do you readers want to see more posts like this one and the EnchantShop series? I'm thinking of focusing the blog onto gold making addons rather than a general gold blog. Whaddya think?

  4. Very informative i am going to try it out.

    I must admit i am struggling around the Enchantshop set-up....to used to ktq i think but i am going to try get it working today.

    My preference is more posts like this and EnchantShop but its all good :)